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Referral Partner

Additional Information (beside those on Chatbots) for Referral Partner

Video Versions


Recommendation: Delete client-specific unnecessary slides from the Long Sales Deck PowerPoint file and send a customized PDF Sales Deck tailored to the potential client's needs.


We have created a sales email for you, which you can easily import into your email program, such as Thunderbird (see video instruction + READ video description), and forward it to potential clients. If you prefer not to replace the signature of Michael Schöggl with your own name, it would be best to mark the email as forwarded. Additionally, consider adding a few personal sentences at the beginning of the email, such as inquiring if the recipient might be interested in what you've stumbled upon.

If you want, you can obtain your own Avataris email address from us (e.g., to create a more official and professional impression. Simply send us an email, and we will assist you in setting it up!


Recommendation: Only send those details once a potential client showed more interest.


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