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Imagine a world where AI isn't just smart but - thanks to a virtual body - also incredibly personable, engaging, and attractive. That's what we're building at Avataris! 🤖


🔥 The Problem: Roughly 50% of all clients are lost each year due to subpar customer support, leading to a massive $1.6 trillion loss in the United States alone. An estimated 83% of customers prefer interacting with human representatives, and many would have stayed if they had experienced live customer support. Live customer support with real humans is too expensive for most companies, but it has the potential to be automated with even better efficiency using AI. Nevertheless, many people reject to use text-based chatbots because they often lack human-like interaction and speed.


🎯 Our Solution: Avataris develops advanced AI employees, also known as 3D digital human chatbots. These chatbots have realistic virtual bodies and engage in lifelike conversations through text or voice. They seamlessly integrate into websites, apps, or Web 3.0 platforms, automating various interactions between companies and clients, such as customer support, personalized marketing and sales, recruiting, shopping assistance, onboarding, and more. They are proficient in over 100 languages, capable of conversing with numerous clients simultaneously without any time constraints, and at only 5% of the cost of human employees. Furthermore, they can adjust their appearance and communication style in real-time for any specific target group or customer, making them an enticing incentive for increased purchases, reduced complaints, and fostering an emotional connection to the company, which reduces the risk of customers leaving by more than 50%.

🚀 Market & Traction: We are tapping into a market worth over 50 billion dollars and have already secured substantial clients across various sectors, propelling us into the profit zone within our first month. We are currently in discussions and negotiations with over 40 potential clients, from whom we anticipate generating an income of at least 750,000 euros in the coming 6 months.


📈 High ROI: A 50-80% margin, combined with a 'copy & paste' solution, positions us as a compelling and scalable investment in an untapped market. We are still working on our Do-It-Yourself Platform, which will further scale by charging for each user-AI-interaction (subscription).

USPs & Advantages:

🌐 3D Experience: Step beyond 2D videos! Our technology allows for immersive interactions, including VR, AR, and Web 3.0.


🎙️ Instant Responses: No more waiting! 95% of our AI responses are generated instantly on the user's device.


💰 Cost-Efficiency: Save up to 95% of your AI operational costs, making it highly scalable for larger enterprises.


👥 Adaptive AI: Our digital humans adapt in real-time to your target audience, making interactions even more engaging!

Avataris has already been accepted into the Acceleration program of FasterCapital and is seeking a capital of 1,000,000 euros.


Older video with wider focus (not mainly chatbots).


You can download our convertible loan agreement and shareholder agreement (in German) here. The convertible loan agreement is based on the template from GESSI - the German Standards Setting Institute: These professional agreements are also endorsed by BAND, Business Angel Deutschland: Any modifications to the standard agreements are clearly marked and commented upon in the Word document using a yellow background. A technical due diligence was conducted by our lead investor, Japps UG, in August 2023 and can be requested.

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