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Our digital humans called "Avatari" are AI chatbots with a realistic virtual body that can seamlessly integrate into your website or app. They can speak most languages, talk with an endless number of clients simultaneously for almost no costs, and adjust their appearance and talking style to each specific target group and customer, making them highly attractive for people to return to your webpage, buy more, have fewer complaints, and engage in word-of-mouth marketing. With Avatari, customers can talk freely via voice, leading to increased trust and emotional connection. Without a virtual body, text-based chatbots are unattractive and won't be used, meaning no cost savings.

Our complete solution is tailored to your needs, starting at 50.000 euros/dollars. Contact us to learn more about how Avatari can benefit your business. Act fast to avoid our waiting list.


Who benefits from an Avatari?

AI can be trained for a variety of use cases and can help in almost any industry where there are interactions with people - customers, employees, or applicants. Some examples are listed in the picture below. A digital human can interact with an endless number of people simultaneously, incurs almost no costs compared to human employees, constantly learns and improves, and is always professional, courteous, and motivated.


Our Advantages & USP


(1) Fastest Conversations without Delay: Our digital humans provide prompt responses to user inquiries, outpacing most competitors. This is because a significant amount of information is processed locally and in real-time on the user's device. On the other hand, many competitors refrain from providing this service since it goes against their business model. They charge costs to their server for every AI-human interaction and may also collect user data, creating privacy concerns. Consequently, their chatbots take much longer to respond (~3-10 seconds), often causing frustration and user abandonment.

(2) Best Price, especially long-term & for bigger Companies: At our company, we provide a comprehensive solution (starting at €/$50,000) at a fixed price with no additional charges. Unlike our competitors who profit from each user-AI interaction and often experience delays in responding to server requests, we have developed intelligent systems  to automatically prepare answers to nearly 95% of all questions. These answers are stored locally on the device and can be provided instantly and free of charge. In contrast, our competitors charge approximately €2,000 per concurrent user per month, with costs escalating rapidly when multiple users are active simultaneously. It's a cost trap in the long run (see sales deck for more details).


(3) Data-protected, tailored Solution on your Server, under your Control: At our company, we don't just provide an online tool for creating a basic chatbot; instead, we develop a customized solution that meets your specific needs. With our approach, (1) you'll have complete control over all data and technology on your own servers, (2) and you can expect high-quality, tailor-made developments that perfectly suit your business needs, including branding, custom UI design, virtual rooms or avatars, and more. Additionally, (3) we can integrate your chatbot with your databases, APIs, and other systems to make it even more powerful and functional. This means that your customers can book appointments, make registrations, shop, or receive personalized attention with their name and history already known, just like they would with a human representative.

(4) Expandable 3D supporting VR/AR/Gamification & Metaverse: As one of the few solutions on the market that offers 3D avatars that can move and interact in an interactive virtual space, our solution - seamlessly integrated into your website or app - is ideal for gamification. For example, customers can have their own virtual workspace where they can conduct banking transactions. They receive virtual rewards and feedback from virtual characters for positive behavior. Additionally, thanks to 3D technology, the chatbot can be experienced in VR, AR, or the metaverse, for example, during virtual shopping.

(5) Most attractive Solution loved by your Clients: Our most significant advantage is centered around customer engagement, as we believe that the value of an AI solution like a chatbot depends on how well it motivates customers to use it. To achieve this, we place a strong emphasis on making our solution as visually and linguistically appealing as possible, recognizing that what is attractive can vary between individuals. That's why our chatbot can dynamically adapt to the target audience in real-time, both in terms of language and visual representation. We believe that the more appealing and engaging the conversation with a digital human is, the more likely customers will be to make purchases, seek solutions to their frustrations, recommend your business to others, share the chatbot with their friends, and generally return to your website or listen to the chatbot and absorb buying arguments.

In summary, for medium-sized and large companies, our offering is the best solution on the market. But we are also developing a lightweight version for smaller businesses that has no financial barriers to entry and can be created by customers themselves through a web platform. Follow us to stay informed about the latest updates.



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